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"And Elijah came near to all the people and said,'How long will you go limping between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him.'" ~ 1 Kings 18:21

There may be perhaps no greater obstacle to your blessings than your opinions. In Hebrew, the original language of the Old Testament, the word for "opinions" is derived from a root word meaning to "divide up."  A more potent translation for the word "opinions" in Hebrew is "divided (in mind).Our opinions have the terrible tendency of revealing a mind inherently divided against the truth of God's Word and His divine will.

To hold fast to your opinions puts you at risk of being unintentionally divided against the will of God for your life. That means you being divided - separated by your opinions, your thinking - from God's very best for you.

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Join us for our podcast PERSPECTIVE MATTERS... with Pastor Philip Lowe. Here, we endeavor to expose and replace our opinions, the source of our limping through life, with the truth of the Word of God, the source of our strength, our healing, our wholeness, and our triumph. Imagine, no more limping through life! Imagine harnessing the authority and power of the Word of God, binding the devil found in our opinions and loosing the perspective of the Kingdom of God over every facet of your life. Imagine the results that come with the application of godly wisdom and the discovery of divine discernment. It all begins right here at PERSPECTIVE MATTERS... with Pastor Philip Lowe, "where there's never a boring Word, always a bold Word!"

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