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Mantle Matter$ Workshop: "The Urgency of Now! New Rules of Money"

Saturday, April 15th

10am EST, 9am CST, 8am MST, 7am PST

Registration: $20 per Registrant

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Friday, April 14th at 5pm Pacific Time

"The Urgency of Now! New Rules of Money" is a four-part series of workshops presented on the third Saturday of each month. Do you know that conventional money and financial management has changed? Conventional financial wisdom is no longer conventional. What worked in the Industrial Age simply won't work in the new economy of the Information Age. In the Industrial Age economy savers won. In the Information Age economy savers are losers... In the Industrial Age economy people worked typically in a single profession for a single employer for the entirety of their working lives. In the economy of the information Age the average person will change jobs an average of twelve to fifteen times before age 40. So how do you win financially in the face of such profound change? What does this mean for your plans for retirement, saving for college, etc.?

These and many more issues will be addressed in our four-part series, "The Urgency of Now! New Rules of Money." In this enlightening workshop series we will examine the New Rules of Money in light not only of changing times but of the unchanging prophetic Word of God. 

​In football, the best teams are able to make both real-time and halftime adjustments to their original game plan to enable them to overcome their opponents and win. The opponents to your financial success are several and they are severe. The systems of this world are just one obstacle to overcome. But they can and they must. Our objective is to bring to light both the obstacles and the strategies you must employ to overcome them to win financially. Join us and learn to win in an economy that makes it increasing easy to lose. At PERSPECTIVE MATTERS we "Train to Reign!"

Registration Fee: $20 per Registrant

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